What is RWA advertising

Residential Welfare Association advertising is a powerful and cost-effective brand promotion way where a brand is promoted in residential society via several methods like Notice Board Poster, Door Tagging, Society Main Gate Branding, Product display, and many more. RWA is growing quickly in tier 2, tier 3 cities, and emerging as the best BTL option. Brands not only interact with a comparatively large audience but also get an opportunity to meet the entire family that results in quicker decision-making. RWA activation provides the best results by hitting diverse age groups with strong brand recall and brings the end-users close.

How RWA advertising can help in the current situation

In the current situation, where we have limited access to malls, corporate parks, restaurants, and other public places, RWAs advertising is emerging as the best BTL option to reach out to potential customers. Acknowledging people are limiting themselves to homes, RWA advertising creates further opportunities for brands. It benefits by devise awareness in a closed vicinity, meet with their target group and provide its services. Glokal can help to manage RWA advertising in a contactless manner, without creating any entropy including the opportunity to interact with individual customers. Glokal can help to produce some innovative approaches to hit diverse age groups towards RWA advertising campaigns.

How Glokal can help your business with RWA advertising

Glokal has the largest network of the RWA’s in more than 100 cities. Glokal assists the clients from planning to execution by presenting rich experience and expert engagement. Glokal practices various innovative methods like attractive visualizers, leaflet distribution, pop up events, games, product display, static communication in form of poster display, door tagging, gate branding, sampling, and many more. Glokal has achieved 100+ campaigns for several clients amidst detailed societal information and hyper-local marketing methods.

Notwithstanding the coronavirus situation, Glokal has started its operations in major cities including but not limited to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jaipur. Glokal is following extensive hygiene practices as guided by the Government of India.